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Blue Ocean Travel is one of the leading tour operators in the Central Coast of Vietnam. Being established from 2007, we have been becoming one of the prestige tour operators in both Inbound and Outbound tours. We set up for authentic tours in Central Area, Northern, and Southern Regions. As our initial principle, guest’s satisfaction is the most important thing that we focus on.  Besides, we always try our best to pay attention on details of the tours to ensure that our customers have an integral trip. Safety is the next thing we are proud to do well. Thank to the inspired team, Blue Ocean Travel always consults immediately customers questions on tours and advices them the best choices based on particular demands.

  1. Helpful Team

Our staffs has wide range of knowledge about adventure and eco-logical destinations. Besides, the guides are good at English and other popular languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and German, which can completely explain and transfer the whole beauties or significances of local destinations.

  1. Rapid Response

Staffs are well-trained and experienced in travel services which is one of our advantage in answer guest's request promptly. Moreover, our consulting staffs are divided into typical department, which aims to support all sorts of guests quickly.

  1. Client Fully Support

We pay more attention on the satisfaction of our clients than the price. In case there are any problems from the tours, or flight, visa, we are willing to be responsible for these and try to solve the troubles as soon as possible.

  1. Solid Partner

For further cooperation, Blue Ocean Travel definitely prevent partner's brand from any prestige ruins during the tour.

  1. High Standard

Thank to a long duration working with hotels and resorts in the whole Vietnam, we prestigely create a solid relationships with our accommodation providers ranging from 3 stars to 6 stars hotels and resorts. Additionally, we proudly provide customer a full transportation system including new model vehicles from 4 seat car to luxuty 45 seat bus and other services.