Type Of Vihicle EN : Isuzu
Color EN : Multicolor
Price EN : 600.000 VND

We lease high quality Innova
Innova black or silver
Seats are upholstered luxury cars created the luxury and comfort for occupants
Modern car interior: Air 2 pm, stereos, radios integrated vehicle
High car airy space helps reduce motion sickness, claustrophobic
Advantages when renting Toyota innova

As mid-range cars, but it possesses many advantages Vietnamese, reasonable design, useful to the user should always be customer innova choose to cater for family travel or long distance journeys . Versatile, modern and character, focusing on usability for our customers, which is the Vietnamese characteristics of Innova - a very popular car line in Vietnam ..

Quotations Innova car rentals
Innova is one of the cars due to the Bac Ha provide 7 seater car hire services in companies with quality safety, modern design. Especially one of the lines of good fuel economy with powerful engines of 300-400 horsepower. Customers can refer to a number of services in Bac Ha:

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Tổng tiền : 600.000 VNĐ