Type Of Vihicle EN : Isuzu
Color EN : Multicolor
Price EN : 700.000 VND

With the prestige carmakers such quality, we are confident will bring valuable experience to the customer when the vehicle is in service. Besides, we also implement customer care most friendly attentive to each customer.

Customers can choose payment method and the most convenient fit with their cash or transfer.

Together with 35 car rental service that we can meet the future needs of customers:
- Car rental service long term contract staff shuttle company employees, students, teachers ...
- Car rental service Wedding
- Service vacation rental, resort, travel, visiting ...

Some things to note with customers:

• Car rental rates are subject to change from time to time.
• Quotations are inclusive of: Driving, road, fuel and insurance.
• Price does not include VAT, expenses incurred outside the program, ...
• Please call the office for advice and most accurate quote based on the roadmap and requirements of each customer.

Tổng tiền : 700.000 VNĐ