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Thứ tư,23/11/2016
The barbecue, beef, chicken simmered Korean ginseng are common to many countries, including Vietnam.

Barbecue is one of the delicacies of the best known in Korea. Suwon (Gyeonggi-do) is famous for grilled chops. In addition to meat, on the table always included a dozen dishes.

The big band will be grilled ribs and shredded.

Koreans often use charcoal to grill.
Due to the suction pipe smoke and odors, so you can comfortably enjoy the dish. Grilled Bacon is also popular in South Korea, in upscale restaurants or bars are popular.
In addition to direct grilled meats are fresh, the restaurant also serves chops cooked, marinated spices like Tteokgalbi dishes (beef ribs). When guests come, just pass on the kitchen grill is ready to eat.

You use purple sesame leaves (lettuce close) to Roll meat, sewing, the same point. Unlike the Vietnamese, Koreans usually eat whole pieces of the book once, too.

The number of these types of foods included barbecue in traditional markets can make you dizzy.

orean fried beef depending on where to have different ways of processing. Ingredients this dish in a restaurant in Seoul including all kinds of vermicelli, mushrooms, black mushrooms, various vegetables. Minced beef is sautéed with added ingredients on the table. Thus, visitors can eat hot and without feeling tired of the meat.
Cold noodles have a long history, first only in court. This dish is made from wheat, pork, eggs, add some cucumbers, pears packed in a large stainless steel bowl used left submerged rocks. This dish is popular in the summer.

South notions, ginseng chicken is food frequency invigorating ideal for summer days. Stuffed chicken cooked with rice in the belly of spices, medicines are very nutritious, served with kimchi cabbage and radish. In summer, you can have long queues waiting to enjoy this special chicken dish at the famous restaurant. You should go to the website of Korea Tourism for information, reservations must avoid long queue.

Water kimchi soup spicy sweet tongue tear. If you can not eat spicy remember dropping chili advised shippers.
Water kimchi soup spicy sweet tongue tear. If you can not eat spicy remember dropping chili advised shippers.

The snacks are made from green beans, shallots, accompanied with human kimchi depending wanted (seafood) and then fried. Many people call this pizza Korea, if eating in Vietnam, you just called pancakes will be served the right dish.
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