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Thứ tư,23/11/2016
Dragon-shaped bridge with a length of 666 m, can breathe fire and water, as a symbol of a city that has flourished in central Vietnam, CNN said.
"On weekends, residents and visitors have the opportunity Danang witnessed a special performance on the bridge spanning the Han River livelihoods. In due 21h, Dragon Bridge temporarily stop people on bridges and fire monitors implementation, unique country "CNN described.
Dragon Bridge eruption of the weekend. Photo: CNN
Temporary residents stay off the 6 lane bridge about to fire when the dragon. After a growl, spit flame dragon head. Then the hiss of steam and the clouds appear.
Long dragon is a symbol of prosperity in Asia. It is the ideal image for a city flourished. So Dragon Bridge quickly became memorable things in the hearts of city residents and visitors.
Dragon Bridge linking the Han River.
Danang is urban economic development successes Vietnam typical. City leaders invested heavily in infrastructure development to attract tourism. Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Danang Dragon Bridge hopes to attract around 3 million visitors to the city this year.
In addition to Dragon Bridge, Da Nang also built other bridges to connect the two banks of the river. These buildings are very special designs, contributing adorn the city's impressive.
Glowing dragons in the night.
Ammann & Whitney company plays an important role in construction projects Dragon Bridge. Mr. Nick Ivanoff, president of the company, said: "Dragon Bridge is the greatest achievement in the network of the bridge over the Han River in Da Nang. Officials believe the bridge will be the new symbol of the city ".
Dragon Bridge project is based on the iconic dragon Ly dynasty, Vietnam reigning dynasties over 1,000 years ago. Nick MASUCCI, head of bridge design company, said: "We believe that, Dragon Bridge will become a symbol for the growth and development of Da Nang as well as important transportation projects in Central , Vietnam".
US press hails 'fire dragons' in Da Nang
Dragon Bridge carries the look of the Ly dragon.
The bridge also plays an important role in the lives of people on both banks of the river. Nguyen Nam Dong, owner of a cafe in western Dragon Bridge, said: "Before the bridge appeared, people's lives in very poor across the river. The government has invested to develop them. The bridge not only further highlighted the city identity, it also support economic development and to reduce travel time from Danang International Airport. "
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